The More Things Change, The More They Don't Stay The Same is the first episode of the season season of Gaia Guardians and the eleventh episode overall. It is the first season finale. It is an hour long.

Summary Edit

The Guardians get used to Gilda’s presence in Goldenstreak’s Tower.

Plot Edit

Gilda’s father, Mr. Harrison, cheated on her mother and his wife with Ms. Hathaway. Audrey was born from the affair. Gilda’s mother sues him and gets a divorce and restraining order. Mr. Harrison has never been seen since. Bitter over her family and birth, Audrey is distant from her mother and the Harrison family, including Gilda. Her birth was the main source of her grumpiness and bullying.

In the present, Audrey is telling this to the Guardians in private. Kent is shocked to find out that Gilda is the half-sister she had told him about and Sam is surprised to find that the person he was bitter towards all this time was Audrey’s sister. Audrey demands that they don’t call her and Gilda ‘sisters’. She does not have anything against Gilda and does not hate her but in her eyes, Gilda is but a remainder that Audrey was a mistake. The others protest. Goldenstreak comes to demand that they treat Gilda with the utmost respect, scaring the Guardians. Gilda does not seem to notice and instead hugs Sam and Audrey, excited about how they are going to be working together.

The nest day, Kent, Sam and Brooklyn are put in charge of training Gilda to defend herself because Audrey ‘has a cold.’ She opens up to them about how much she loves her little sister, making the other three worry if she knew what Audrey thought of her. She and Kent form a strong friendship, scaring the other two, because now they will have to put up with the boundless energy of two ‘sugar-shocked lunatics’. Sam finds she is a hard worker and a good person and apologizes for his treatment towards her at school. When Gilda does not understand what he is talking about, he immediately says to forget about it. Gilda flirts with him, annoying Brooklyn. When Brooklyn accidentally hurts Gilda, Goldenstreak comes in and punishes Brooklyn, before taking Gilda away to patch her up and train her himself. Sam warns her about how strict Goldenstreak is but is surprised to see him treating Gilda nicely but still snapping at the Guardians.