Shrinking Violet is the fifth episode of Gaia Guardians.

Summary Edit

San and Brooklyn force Audrey to sing at a talent show.

Plot Edit

Sam and Brooklyn go to visit Audrey and Kent at Cato Academy. When they open Audrey’s door, they find her singing (Hikaru Nara). Impressed by her singing voice they praise Audrey but she asks them to not tell anyone. They end up telling Kent anyway but he says he already knew long ago. He tells them about the upcoming talent show and Sam and Brooklyn think about signing up Audrey but Kent says Audrey, while tough, is very shy and suffers from immense stage fright. Sam considers the talent show might help Audrey to get over it but Kent says it would be wrong to force her to do something she doesn’t want to. Sam and Brooklyn sign Audrey up for the talent show anyways to Audrey and Kent’s anger. Audrey practices for the talent show and sings very poorly when the others are in the room. Later, Sam finds Audrey practicing alone and singing well.Brooklyn decides that Audrey should sing with a mask over her head. The other three Guardians all wear masks and play the instruments back up, making it look like part of the show. There, Audrey sings God Knows. While the show goes great, Audrey is still mad at Sam and Brooklyn for playing her. The two don’t see what they did wrong so Audrey and Kent force each of them to do what they don’t like. Brooklyn must listen to very loud music and Sam must hang upside down for over fifteen minutes. They apologize.

Original Song List Edit

  • [Your Lie in April] Hikaru Nara (English Cover by S.B.R.M.P.N.Y)
  • "Unravel" (#2) - FULL English cover - Tokyo Ghoul
  • "Flyers" - DEATH PARADE (FULL English Cover by Y. Chang)
  • "God Knows" Official English Dub - Haruhi Suzumiya

Trivia Edit

  • All the songs are English versions of anime songs.
  • Audrey’s love for music and her stage fright is revealed.