Give Me an ‘A’!!!is the seventh episode of Gaia Guardians.

Summary Edit

Audrey begrudgingly joins the cheerleading squad at her school because of a dare. When she finds she enjoys it, she tries to hide the fact from the others.

Plot Edit

The Guardians are at Sam’s house and are playing truth or dare. When Audrey’s hate of the cheer-leading squad at her school comes up, Sam dares her to join for at least two weeks. When she joins, she finds that the cheerleaders, at least a few, are not as self-absorbed as she thought and she enjoys the sport. After the two weeks are up, she finds excuses to stay on the team but Kent finds out and the three assure her that they don’t care and that every boy has a feminine side and every girl has a masculine side, so why should Audrey care if she, a girl, enjoys a girlish sport. The episode ends with the three watching Audrey’s cheer.

Trivia Edit

  • Audrey joins the cheer-leading squad at her school.