Five Sahdes of Grey is the ninth episode of Gaia Guardians.

Summary Edit

Kent finds gems that split him into five different versions of himself.

Plot Edit

Kent scrambles to carry out promises he has made to all of his friends but end up annoying them. When he tries to help Audrey clean the tower’s floors, he knocks over five pearls, the Persona Pearls, in the magical jewel room. He is split into five pieces of himself, each with a shard of his personality: White, who is dumb, Silver, who is kind, Grey, who is clumsy, Charcoal, who is a hardworking, and Black, who is energetic. They see it as a way to fight Snakesong and Silverstripe easier and only hang out with the Kents they like the most. Soon, they find they miss the real Kent and that the hassle of trying to pretend her is his normal self becomes too much. The Kents run off hearing their plans to bring them back together, running off with the Persona Pearls. As they run around the city, avoiding each other and the Guardians, they find they are lost without each other and when they are herded and found by the Guardians, they go without a fight.