City of Light and Love is the sixth episode of Gaia Guardians.

Summary Edit

The Gaia Guardians travel to Paris in their dreams for their first over-seas mission.

Plot Edit

Goldenstreak suddenly appears in the Guardians’ dreams, announcing an attack in Paris. They travel there in their dreams to the city and fight off the monsters. People, including a museum owner, thank them. They decide to spend a few moments in Paris before morning. They turn human as wherever they go in their Guardian forms, they get mobbed. Sam and Brooklyn, as well as Audrey and Kent, enjoy their time in the City of Lights and Love. They once admire weapons in the previous museum owners’ museum. There, Brooklyn finds out the museum owner is a fake, a Gaia Soldier working for Snakesong and Silverstripe. She alerts the shocked Guardian. They break into the museum and find the original owner. They use weapons in the museum and attack the fake, chasing him off. The Guardians offer to give back the weapons but the museum owner allows them to keep the weapons. Back at his tower, Goldenstreak agrees as they are going to need them if his parents really are raising an army. The next day, Goldenstreak has the mayor of Doveport warn the world on international television of the army of Soldiers.

Trivia Edit

  • The Guardians get their weapons in this episode.